The Terrible Twos of Drafting

Good luck Tammie Painter!

Tammie Painter

As my readers may know, I’m deep in the mire that is Draft Two of The Voyage, the second book of my fantasy series The Osteria Chronicles. For me, working through draft two is like slogging through knee-deep muck (and believe me, I know from scary experience what it’s like to slog through knee-deep muck). This may not be everyone’s experience, perhaps draft one is the hard part, or something snaps in draft three that makes you want to rip out your hair, but I thought this week’s post should be about how I tackle the Terrible Twos of Drafting.

To Start, Draft One and Pre-Draft One

Now, my troubles with draft two can’t be blamed on lack of preparation. I’m one of those writers who creates character sketches and brief outlines before starting the first draft. Some writers hate this approach saying it kills creativity, but trust…

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