The Rocket Scientist by Matthew Laffrade

The Furious Gazelle


Michael hated going to dinner parties, fundraisers, or any other formal gathering where he’d meet strangers. During introductions and pleasantries he’d always be asked what he does and he would have to reply with “rocket scientist”. At some point in the evening someone would always say “it’s hard but not as hard as what Michael does!” A slew of laughs would follow.
People would always ask him what he does “exactly”.
“So you’re a rocket scientist huh? So are you like an engineer?”
“Oh, so more like a physicist then?”
“No. I am a rocket scientist.”

At this point he’d always feel the urge to slap people, an urge he came close to succumbing to on multiple occasions after a few scotches. What bothered him most is that people never got so detailed in their employment inquiries with others.
“What do you do?” they’d ask.


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