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I just love this!

A Life Most Curious

When we first met you were lost, abandoned, alone and scared. You trusted us to care for you and in return yougave us unconditional love. You were a little shit at first, destroying anything you could get your teeth into, my shoes, the furniture, the carpet. Every day I would come home to a house of destruction and chaos and there you would sit, excitedly looking at me, “Look what I’ve done mum! Look, look!”

I couldn’t handle it any more, so I returned to the rescue home where I found you.

“Do you want to bring him back and get another one?” they asked.

What? What!! Bring him back? No way! I wanted an indoor kennel so we could train you, reassure you and calm you when we were away. They lent us a cage for 6 months and that’s how long it took for us to be…

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