Mikey111Kids are funny.  They have this weird world they live in, their own rules and language, and somehow manage to make everyone in their lives conform to their reality. I love kids. I have always been more prone to having a conversation with a 2-year-old than someone my own age. It's more fun.

Sometimes they have something serious to say and we as adults thinking most things they say are so adorable often forget that they are capable of making requests, following up that request, and then when all else fails using a monster voice to get our attention. My niece a few months ago quietly asked my husband to put down the ball he was holding as he was talking to her parents. He wasn't paying much attention and tossing the ball back and forth in his hands. Again she requested he put down her ball. ” Ball.. down.” She said a little louder, this time her mother and I catching on to her request. But my husband was still telling a story. Coming closer now in a much firmer voice, my 2-year-old princess stared up at her uncle. ” Ball.. down.. now.”  She said with as much politeness as she could muster. This time he looked at her and smiled.  That was the last straw. Now with her pointer finger out and her best monster voice, she loudly demanded. ” PUT THE BALL DOWN NOW!!!” At that point he got her request loud and clear and we all tried to keep from laughing as he put her ball back down on the ground and she walked away.

Other times kids have a hard time understanding why other families aren't just like their own. My neighbors have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. They are all very friendly and when we were outside talking the other day their daughter asked me a serious question.

H: Where are your children?

Me: My daughter S. is in the house.

H: Noooo… your child!

Me: She IS my child.  She's 14.

H: I am asking you where your child is.  You know.. a kid??  SHE is an ADULT!

Me: Well, she was a child.

H.  You need to get another child. You don't have any.  Can I play with your cat?

( Meaning – You don't have anything of worth to me unless you have a child for me to play with or a cat.. the cat will do. Give it to MEEE!)

Most of the time kids are pretty cool. I love the way their minds work and how what we think of as absurd makes complete sense. When my middle son was little, he was the most difficult to get to follow the rules.  In his world you need to completely state what all of the rules are BEFORE he does something you don't want him to do. This means that we were constantly challenging what I said versus what I thought I said. Quite regularly conversations with him would end up with me admitting that he was right, I didn't say he couldn't jump off the top of the refrigerator onto the table.  I actually said “The kitchen floor is wet, stay off of it.” so his attempt to get from point A to point B was valid.

Today I saw this great video of things you can't do when you are NOT a toddler and it made me laugh pretty hard. There are so many things you can't do when you are not a toddler and these are some of the best examples.


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