Weekly Writing Challenge: 1st Memory


This week’s writing challenge ask you to dig in deep and discover your first memory of…… what is it?

Perhaps this will stir you to write about your childhood, 1st memory of someone you came to love or even hate, the first memory of a certain place.  Whatever it may be, I hope you will share it here with us and share our link with your friends and fellow writers.

Here’s my first memory.  I hope you enjoy.


Have a great day and enjoy the dance!

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To participate, tag your post with FireFlychallenge and include a link to this post to generate a pingback. Your posts DO NOT have to specifically written in response to this challenge. We love reading great pieces and all are accepted! We’ll highlight some of our favorites on Friday and in our new Monthly Review. Want others to critique it? Let us know that too! Have a great week! ~ C. ~


  1. Don’t laugh but I am reading back through old posts trying to find one I found in my reader at the gym on my tablet. In it someone posted a poem and a picture of a feather they think came from an angel. I tried to comment (but my tablet often loses things!) that it looked exactly like one my sister found (she thought from an angel too). Before coming home, I showed her the picture and asked her – what ever happened to that feather? And she told me. She gave it to my mother, who passed away three years ago as of August 2nd. Then, I thought (how one reckons time)… wait it’s August now. And it’s 11th. This is the first year I didn’t think of the day she died, didn’t even give it a second thought.
    And I felt instant guilt. I asked my sister if she did anything for August 2nd as I had for the past two years. And she said – no – she doesn’t think of death days, only Mother’s Day and her birthday. And she’s right of course. I shouldn’t feel bad for forgetting such a sad day. That’s funny how memory works. I can’t remember where I saw this post and l would like to find it because I wanted to say as it turns out my sister gave away her precious feather, which she had attached to a hat, to my mother who was losing her hair because of chemo, but never got to use it because she died of sepsis less than a week later. I don’t really believe in things like that (which is why I’m like … that is so weird) but she said maybe the angels took it back and are using it for something good. I wish I could believe in things like that.
    I’m glad I came across this writing challenge, even though I’m seriously late, because I did have something to say about memory. Maybe some things happen for a reason.

    • I know exactly which post you are talking about. I wrote it when my brother died almost 2 years ago.

      I am sorry for your loss, for the feeling that you were forgetting something and replacing grief and sadness with the normality of life, then the guilt. I know.. I have done it myself.

      But I agree with your sister as well.. I stopped grieving for my Gram’s death day a few years ago. Now I do something nice for myself on her birthday.. August 18th. Sometimes I buy myself flowers, a new pin, do something she would have wanted to do.

      I will repost that feather post for you now.

      Thank you again for always reminding me that my words mean something to others.

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