Here's a photo I took of my daughter last summer.  She's just a beautiful and unusual girl, I love taking photos of her.

This week I want you to find a photo, piece of art, or something that reminds you of summer. Post it on your blog or and share your link here. Don't have a blog yet? No worries, just share your photos on our new Facebook page!  I'll share my favorites through the day.

Have fun!

~ C. ~

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7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Mission – Feels like Summer”

  1. What a wonderful photo! I love it. I love summer, the sound of the crickets, the way the sun looks at sunset, the flowers and trees. Everything.

    How do I hook up a photo of summer with others? Is that what you mean?

    Thank you for linking to my WW about how our pets are everywhere! Love them endlessly…

    1. You know, I was looking for a link that would help me hook up the links on wordpress and haven’t found on yet. So PLEASE put your photo on your blog, add this page as a link on the bottom and it will come as a pingback. You can ALSO leave your link on the new facebook page.

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