June is YA Fiction month



This month we are going to feature the works of great Young Adult Fiction writers.

This genre isn’t just for children. Over the years it has gained a following with adult readers. These books aren’t just fairy tales, they are just as wide ranging as most adult fiction books, without the adult themes like sex, hard cursing, and graphic gore.
YA is one of the first sections I peruse when looking for a new book to read. I can usually get through them a little faster and I enjoy the plots that tend to keep me interested a little earlier in the book.
This month we will feature some of Dancing with Fireflies’ favorite YA fiction books and I hope you will share your favorites as well.



  1. I too tend to look in this area for new books before anywhere else. I think Narnia and harry Potter will always be my favorites! I will still get a whole stack of Alfred Hitchcock and the 3 Investigators from the library and read them over a weekend. They never, ever get old!


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