02Being a blogger can be both a challenge and a complete bore.  Truthfully there's no boss hanging over your head telling you that you need to be more productive, no deadlines other than your own, and creativity is all on you.  More than once I have sat here trying to find my “motivation” and came up with NOTHING.


Recently WordPress has stepped up and started to answer some of those “what should I do today” questions.  There's something new on the wind that I hope my readers will be super excited about, since we are there.  Now you can begin participating with the blogging community and get that welcomed feedback you have been looking for. Blogging events like challenges, prompts, and more will help you get out there and start blogging with a mission. The Daily Post at WordPress now has a page dedicated to finding those events and sharing them.  And guess what!?  We are featured there for our Weekly Writing Challenge!


What's our Weekly Writing Challenge?  Well each Friday we post a weekly Challenge. Sometimes the quest is to keep it simple with a certain number of words and other times we dare you to go big and share something from deep down in you.  Unlike some challenges, you don't have to create something new.  Drag out that piece you have been hiding in the back of your blog and give it some attention, then share it with all of us.  Just tag your post and give us a pingback on your blog.  Then each Friday we will share some of those posts.  At the end of the month we will feature a link of the month's posts and show some blog sharing love.  I hope you'll participate in our weekly challenge as well as our regular prompts that are posted several times weekly on our Facebook page.


Sometimes you have to think outside of your backyard in order to challenge yourself to greatness.  Be the writer you dreamed of being!

A good writer is basically a story teller, not a scholar or a redeemer of mankind.
Isaac Bashevis Singer



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