This week's book: The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

I am actually a big fan of Esther Hicks and I have wanted to read this book for a while.  So sitting down and actually reading it was a pleasure. Written as more of a dialog between her husband Jerry, who has now crossed over to the non-physical, and the collective known as Abraham.

The book begins to teach basics of the original Teachings of Abraham known as the Laws. This book focuses on “The Law of Attraction”  and basically is teaches that whatever you put your attention to comes to you. That you attract to your life everything that you put emotional thought into.  Not like trying to control things with your brain as we all did as a child by putting your fingers to your head and squeezing your eyes shut and screaming in your brain ” I want a sandwich” .  But more of giving full detailed thought to what your desires are, how you are going to meet your goals, and what they will feel like when you reach them.

One of the more interesting lessons that I enjoyed was that we all can bring negative actions into our lives just as much as positive actions by giving it emotional thought. The more we think about the things we don't want, the more we are actually attracting it to us.  We draw in what we focus on.

What does that mean?  It means that the more we dwell on the negative, the more we fear it, the more emotion we put into it, the more we draw it right into our lives. Has this ever happened to you?   You hear that it is flu season, you start hearing about others getting sick, you start thinking about how much you don't want to get sick You think about how much time it will take for you to be sick.  You start to wonder if you have enough flu meds in your bathroom for when you do get sick, because your family is sick.  You feel a little tickle in your throat and you instantly begin the process of accepting you are sick because it's going around and everyone else is sick and you have been thinking about being sick a lot…. and then.. you get sick. Just like you thought you would.

I am not saying that this book will fend off the flu. But it does start to teach you that you can have thoughts pass into your head and just as quickly learn to start to dismiss the negative thoughts that you don't want to attract into your life.

Since reading the book I have found that I have almost no tolerance for watching or reading the news.  I see all the negative things happening around the world and it makes me FEEL gross and unhappy.  I have to turn it off.  I don't want to attract such drama and negative energy into my life.  Once I turn it off and start to focus on the positive things I enjoy in my life and want to enjoy more of, I quickly feel better.

Applying the Laws of Attraction has been interesting.  For instance, I wanted to find a way to enjoy being home more when I am not traveling.  I love finding quiet little places that feel calm and peaceful when I travel and I am often attracted to quiet little coves with a bench or comfortable seating outside.  I want more of that!  I want more of those peaceful times when I can be outside and enjoy the birds singing and the enjoyment of being outside.  I want that feel when I am home. So I decided that I could have that feel at home if I had a more comfortable space. I found that I have room in my backyard to create such a space, but it would need work done. In order to have the work done to create this amazing space that I began to create in my mind, I needed to have someone come and do it. I asked several people to come give me a quote.  All of them were more than I was comfortable paying. Applying the laws of Attraction I began to think only about the great place I was going to enjoy and telling the Universe that I needed assistance in making that happen. Soon I had a lower quote!  Then with some even more focus, that quote was lowered by 5%!  But, still needed to find the means to make it happen and it did!  Unexpected money made it possible that in a couple of weeks the men are coming to install my new patio that I have already accepted as fact.

So back to the book.  Read it.  Enjoy it!  I know that I did and I am excited about reading more from Esther and Abraham!

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  3. I love reading books on self-improvement and I have never come across anything as powerful as the law of attraction books by Jerry and Esther Hicks. ‘Ask & it is Given’ is my personal favorite.

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