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Today for Think About It Thursday we are going to talk about fantasy building.  Every good fantasy story starts with a good setting. The setting is so important to making the story feel right.

So today think about what sort of setting you would like to have for a good Fantasy short story. What color are the clouds? What sounds do you hear? What makes the setting different?

I’d love to read about the setting for your fantasy short story. Share your thoughts in the comments and maybe if we get a few good ones I’ll do a post about the locations.



  1. I won’t lie. I’m a sucker for feminist social critique high fantasy type stories (Marion Zimmer Bradley and Katherine Kurtz come to mind). One of the weaknesses there is that I sometimes completely forget about setting. Once in creative writing class my prof commented on this and I added in this paragraph (groan…if I must) of the dark night and the pale moon (yada yada) – and fellow students *really* loved that part. Setting to me is like this other character I add in after the plot outline – who all too often seems to take over everything else.

    Right now, my current WIP is mostly set in the real world which is kind of this cop out for me because it’s like – the real world. That is my setting. =b The Faery Realm is essentially a loose collective of individual communities constructed at the whims of their inhabitants, but my protagonist hasn’t figured that out. To her, it’s like … weird – I was here, now I’m there. That person was my size and now they’re two inches tall.

    I feel like I really need maps to explain it though. I have a handwritten map somewhere of the Faery Realm. It’s heavily inspired by Lake Como in northern Italy and by Europe in general, this kind of dreamy otherworld at the center surrounded by all these mini-countries. Thanks! I keep thinking I need to use that otherworld more.

    • What an awesome response! I really love Faerie works. I used to write for a fae for many years, she was a lot of fun.

      I am glad you enjoyed this week’s thought prompt.

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