Blogger of the Week: Gin Giles

blogger of the week1


Each week we search high and low to find a great new blog or blogger who captures the creative flow of being a writer/blogger. These bloggers work hard to put out great content, show off a unique style, and make use want to come back for more. This isn’t an easy task! Each week I try to spend a bit of time on many blogs searching for the best blog to showcase each week.

This week’s blogger of the week is Gin Giles. She’s got a humdinger of a blog about books. Self titled Blog Whore Extraordinaire, Gin Giles has a great collection of book reviews that you won’t want to miss.

Since we do book reviews here, I was delighted to find a fellow bibliophile do her own take on book reviews and spotlights.

My toes curled reading this. I loved it so so much!

Her notes on the books make me smile and I love the quotes from some of my favorite women.

Gin’s blog is new, but it is filling up quickly with great content. I hope you’ll hop over and take a look at her blog and let her know we sent you!


Congrats Gin on being our Blogger of the week!



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