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Each month we pick a new genre to explore. This month we are exploring the world of Fantasy. There are so many great fantasy writers out there that give us great inspiration. I hope you will share a few of your favorites with the group this month.

Fantasy is one of my personal favorite genres to both read and to write for. When I was in college and first got started actually writing real stories, I only wrote fantasy. I love the privileges you can take with normal things and make them extraordinary. I used to belong to a great writer's circle back in the early days of the internet, a website called The Park where I met many wonderful young writers just like myself. Together we wrote some of my favorite stories. Faeries, knights, angels, and a few dragons filled countless novels written in freeform role-playing chat rooms. For many years I had a great writing partner and we wrote hundreds of fantasy stories. From time to time I toy with the idea of going back to those old files and dragging them out for some good edits and setting them free upon the world. Maybe this month you might catch a few of them here.

I hope you enjoy Fantasy month as much as I do. Let me know if you see a great fantasy blog that you would like to share.  Have a few pieces you would like to show off? Send them over and let's take a look!  Feeling like you are brave enough to be a Guest Blogger this month? Email me and let's talk about your début.

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2 thoughts on “May is Fantasy Month!”

  1. Hello, I write fantasy and am currently working on a Trilogy (potentially two of them -inspiration smacked me upside the head a week ago. Now i groan whenever i try to imagine myself living long enough to finish all the book ideas i have). I can’t say I know any good blogs as I haven’t been on any besides this one, but as for novels i would highly suggest Guy Gavriel Kay and his books “Under heaven”, “River of Stars”, and “Ysabel”. I have only read the first but i just got the other two from the library and both are already good examples of fantasy -if with a twist on history.

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