Cabin in the Woods

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Climbing high in the air. The bustling fire underneath the chimney, warming our little toes and hands from the frigid cold outside. It smells like burnt air. A little too overcooked haha. It crackles and pops and snaps like Rice Krispies. It keeps us warm and cozy and it’s light makes the room a little bit more sentimental as we sit there together. The taste of buttery popcorn enters our mouths as we sit by fire and share stories and just chat. It’s peaceful and happy and like nothing could go wrong. Here in this cabin in the woods, everything is perfect and the horrors of the outside world cannot reach us. As the sun sets, the smoke from the chimney dances a tango until it disappears in the distance.



Karmic wine glass

Burying A Body In The Desert For Dummies

“Last Shot” |…

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