This week we have a great blog for you to check out written by eight creative and talented women. This creative ventures brings together the brilliant minds of eight women writers who are not only in four different countries but on three different continents.  Their blog is all about what it takes to write a great story and the how-to's of their trade.

These women met through a romance writing class and found they enjoyed the group so much that after the class was over they chose to stay together as a writing group. Some of the women are already published and you can find their books on the blog. While some others are dancing towards their goal of publishing as well as writing for their blog.

I really enjoyed each other their different views on writing. Check out Kay: Better Writing through Watching TV and

Justine: RMNCRTR and Proud of It to see the different styles of writing and their clear writer's voices. I know you will really find the blog different and enjoyable.

So congratulations ladies, you all ROCK!

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7 thoughts on “Blog of the Week – Eight Ladies Writing”

  1. Hi Crysta! On behalf of the Eight Ladies Writing just wanted to say thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoyed our posts. We’ve been going since September and we’re having a blast.

    Love your blog, and very happy to see that April is romance month!

    1. I was just getting ready to let you know you had been honored. I am so glad you stopped in. I love your blog and I am also glad to share my romance love with readers.

  2. Thanks for the mention of our blog!

    I really like your guest blogging program, and I’m happy to see two of my favorite genres (romance this month, fantasy next month) represented! I’ll be back, as they say in the sci-fi epics (-:.

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