Why I Read Romance

Here’s a fun article from a cool blog, A Creative Yarn.

a creative yarn

When I pick up a book, I want to be temporarily transported to another place and time. Most nights, one hour before bed, I read. For those sixty minutes I’m able to forget about the daily grind and immerse myself into another world. I look forward to this time. For me, reading has always been about escape. And that is what romance fiction is – an escape.

A lot of people think romance writing is crap. They call it fluff, trash, smut, a waste of time. I call it pure entertainment.

Here’s what I like about romance novels

  • Watching how the relationship develops and the excitement that goes along with that process – the first kiss, the ups and downs, misunderstandings, will it all work out in the end??? (yes, we know it will, but it’s still entertaining to read about what the hero and heroine have to go through…

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