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This month we are looking at the Romance genre. We have already read some fantastic posts about Romance and looked a little closer at what makes something romantic.

This week we feature a wonderful blogger Michelle Kelly who has a great blog about Romance writing and research.  Michelle has a lot to share with fans of writing romance novels and her blog is a great asset.

Michelle addresses some important questions about being a romance writer in her blog. Can You Be a Romance Writer and a Feminist??? made me laugh and nod as I read it and the follow up post to this hot topic. Why Write Erotica? digs in deeper to the topic and gives us a better understanding of who and who should not be writing Erotic fiction.

Writing Tips & Advice From Authors is wonderful and worth reading every word.

I couldn’t get enough of this blog and I know it is going to be a go to blog of mine.

I hope all of you will take a look and share the blogging support!

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