Troublesome Friends & Lovers: When to Stay & When to Exit Gracefully – Laura Kutney

“Friends are with us for a reason, a season, or for a lifetime.” ~ Unknown

I’ve been pondering writing about this topic for quite some time, but each time it comes up, it feels too uncomfortable and negative to write about. But, this is a situation in life that most everyone comes to deal with at some point, so I decided to go for it in case someone out there might identify or be helped by this.

Throughout most of my life I have been blessed with exceptionally close friendships. Some are as close as family and some go back many years to even grade school. I have no idea where I would be today without these people.

Before I write about behaviors that I watch out for in relationships, let me first say that I strongly believe there will always be times when my friends will need to lean on me more than I lean on them, and vice versa. In the best case scenario, how much we lean on each other will even out, when it comes to giving and taking over time.

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