Love yourself before you love anyone else.

Before you can love anyone else, you must first love yourself.



I am a big advocate of being who you are (whomever that may be at any given time).

You should always love yourself. Love your flaws. Embrace them.

There is a reason that not everyone looks the same. There is a reason you have different interests than your neighbor.

We are unique beings and even though this is true, we, as a society, as human beings, strive to fit in with the group.

We do. It’s human nature.

So, I get it.

I certainly have fallen victim to the trends and the peer pressure and the assumed role of being a white woman in America.

I wish I didn’t.

I wish I was pure, true, 100% individual.

My sister is that way, and it is something I have always been jealous of.

Ah anyway. I digress.

So the whole point of this blog is to love yourself BEFORE you try to love…

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