Brian Eno’s Light and Time Art

This graceful artist brings a sense of calm through his artwork. Brian Eno has spent a life time working to perfect his skills as an artist of light. Each piece softly transforms from one enlightened piece to another, slowing down your thoughts and asking you to spend a few minutes in a peaceful place.

I would love to see his work in person. I can only imagine how much more relaxing and vivid his pieces must be as you stand in the darkness and watch his colorful artwork carry you into a mesmerizing trance.

What do you think of Brian Eno’s work?



  1. I’m not really one for art I must admit. But this was really interesting. It reminds me of meditation almost. In fact I may actually watch some of this video while I meditate it. It gets me to that calm, almost trancelike state much faster than if I was sitting in a quiet room with my eyes closed. Oh! What I would do to have one of these beauties in my home 😉


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