Think About it Thursday – Order and Chaos

think about it thursdays

This week we have thought about the order and chaos in our lives, in the world, in poems, and in movies. We read a great piece about Sherlock Holmes and the character that is all about order AND chaos.

Today I want you to think about how your own life balances Order and Chaos.

  •  Have you ever been in a completely chaotic time in your life? How did you find balance?
  •   Do you know someone who is a perfect balance of order and chaos?
  •  Was this an easy topic to talk about?

Let’s talk about your thoughts in the comment section!

Don’t forget to post it on your blog or your Facebook and post the link here in the comment section. You can also post your links on our Facebook page

To take part, tag your post with #FireFlyTT and include a link to this post to generate a pingback. Your posts DO NOT have to specifically written in response to this challenge. We love reading great pieces and all are accepted! We’ll highlight some of our favorites on Thursdays and in our new Monthly Review.

Want others to critique it? Let us know that too!

Have a great week!

~ C. ~

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