A Stolen Ring, a Fear of Spiders and a Sinister Stranger

Beautiful story. Well written and completely gripping.


It was more than a ring. It was the love of a man trapped in a pale green stone. It was the feel of the cold band upon my cheek when my mother stroked my face. It was my mother, dancing in the kitchen, the sunlight gleaming upon the green rock. It was the band that pledged my father and mother together. The union that created me.

They had left me with many of their things. Their home full of furniture and memories. A lawn full of neglected flowers and the collections of random items from a lifetime of living. But this was my favorite. The dearest to me. The thing that sparked tears and joy. I kept it in my jewelry box and tugged it out when I missed them most.

Now it was gone. Not just gone. Stolen. Some malicious teens had taken advantage of a low window…

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