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We are always looking for cool blogs to share and feature as our Blogger of the Week. But sometimes it's hard to find great blogs.  So if you have a blog that you think is ready for the world or know of an awesome blog that you think deserves to be Blog of the Week. Please post your links here in the comment section.

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    I could keep going… But, those four seem like a great place to start. 😀

      • iithinks is mine and the other two are two of my absolute favourites! Himani (tenderheartmusings) has a rare poetic gift and Laurie’s page is just so peaceful 🙂

        Would be happy to hear if you would like to feature one two or all of them.

        With lots of love,


  2. Hi, I really enjoy your blog too, although I only just found you lately! I noticed you’re featuring a theme of romance coming up, and you might like my blog for that topic. I’m using my binder of printed emails as posts on my blog to tell the story of how a 40 year old american woman fell in love with an egyptian man she (I) met on the internet and married after 50 days of correspondence, on our first day of actually meeting. I’m currently on Episode 12, Are We Only Dreaming?

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