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When I first read this blog post I tried to figure out how it would fit into the theme of the week that I was aiming for, Unforgettable. I read it over a few times and I realized that like most of us, Mike writes and creates his videos in an efforts not to be forgotten. He has some fun and unique thoughts about why he blogs and it actually is right on topic. So, I hope you will enjoy reading Mike's thoughts on Why he Creates. ~ C.


Why Create?

I read recently that there are 27 million new pieces of content being released daily on the Internet.  There is no way on Earth that any one person could keep track of such a large amount of information. Inevitably, the vast majority of creations are seen by just a handful of people, perhaps even only the creator.

When on the rare occasion that I manage to sidestep my bloated ego, I am able to recognize that my work isn't THAT good. My work is of reasonable quality – don't get me wrong, I enjoy my own work (that sounds narcissistic, but I do like my own work, and I feel that if even you don't enjoy your own work, why should anyone else?) – but there are so many great blog posts, so many fantastic videos, that the likelihood of my work being seen by anything more than a few friends and family is really quite unlikely.

Why should I spend my time adding to it?  I have far too many other things pressing on me for attention – helping my family, maintaining the house (badly), worrying about that rattle coming from one of the wheels of the car.

Of course, I'm only joking about the latter – I turn the radio up until I can't hear the rattle – but I hope that you will understand my quandary.

Why should I go to the effort of making stuff when there is so many better creations already out there? Why not just spend my spare time chilling out, watching episodes of NCIS (man, Gibbs is awesome) while eating ice cream?

Well, my creations do have one unique feature, and that is that they were made by me.

Humans are not statues made out of stone. We age, we change, and we die. But my creations are forever set as examples of my personality, as I am now – in the future I might look back on a blog post that I wrote twenty, thirty years ago. In my twilight years, I might not even agree with what I write. But my creations will be there.

They will be there when I am no longer. If my son wants a reminder of his father, perhaps to see what kind of a man I am, apart from first and foremost being his father, perhaps my blogs and my videos will give him some insight.

Plus, the creative journey gives me a sense of achievement. Polishing a blog post, or editing a video to make it as good as I can, seeing the final article gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

If I take what could be considered a bleak look at life, my life expectancy is expected to be somewhere in the region of 74 years.  I am currently 31 years old, or looking at it mathematically I am approximately 42% through my life.  I do not have time to delay.  Life is so short that I have to make my creations – for me if for no one else – because when my life is over, all that will be left is my family, and my achievements.

Finally – how am I supposed to get better without practice?  I've learned so much about writing techniques, about sound editing, about lighting, about promotion of my work and using social media effectively, and I know that there is so much more to learn.  Apart from this it's given me the opportunity to meet some fantastic people across the world that otherwise I would never know.

So adding all these reasons together mean that I have the motivation to create. Perhaps my work will become popular, and through it, I will be popular. This is unlikely. But I will try.

Ending this piece, what I would say to anyone reading this post is this – go and create. It doesn't matter what it is, the written word, music, videos, art… make whatever your heart and soul and brain can agree on. Do not wait – there is always an excuse you can make not to get started. But recognize that it is only an excuse.

Let your creations give you joy.


Mike blogs about any random topics that occur to him at  He also releases videos that vary in quality at – some of which include a vibrating pig (not a euphemism). Plus he always enjoys being stalked on Twitter (

More about Mike: Hi, I'm Mike.  I work, I'm a parent, I eat (a little bit too much), and basically I consider myself a, more or less, average person. And I make stuff.


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