Blog of the Week: Diana of A Holistic Journey

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Diana of A Holistic Journey was selected this week as our blogger of the week. I loved the feel of this blog and how she gives us pieces of who she is. Not written solely as a journal, but as a reflection about motherhood, life, and faith. I really enjoyed reading this blog.

 So I speak of it all – not just the parenting or homeschooling or my faith or marriage.  But also of the things we share by virtue of our humanity.  Hence a holistic journey.

One of the most interesting features is the challenge to join a project. Join Me in the Race Around The World is an interactive series on race and identity, a mosaic of cultural autobiographies. I am going to be sending her my own answers and become a part of this fascinating project. I hope you will as well!

One of the reasons that this blog was chosen is that it is very well written and never fails to stir up something to bring you back again. I love her questions about love and life.

Have a great week!

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