It's sometimes hard to be strong, it means that sometimes the weaker ones feel like they have a right to attack you for it.  They see you holding on tight to your strength and try to take that away from you and make you feel bad for doing what you know you must.

I never knew just how strong I could be.  I just knew that I had to hold on.  I needed to be that girl that wouldn't turn her back on those she cared about.  I needed to be that woman who didn't let pain become her crutch.  I demanded of myself that I would never let my children pity me. I turned the other cheek because fighting wasn't worth it.

No matter how many people tried to tear me down and break me, I held on.  There were times when I felt like I had taken enough, I just wanted a rest.  It was then that I realized I had hands offering to hold me up and I had to trust them enough to let them help me.

I can't be broken… not anymore.  I have people who love me and just as important, I am learning to love myself.

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