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I found Eli Glasman this morning, honestly I was in a bit of a rush to find someone since I have been traveling. I looked around to find someone that exemplified the theme that I wanted to focus on this week, Unbreakable. I found a lot of good blogs, a few decent blogs, and then I found Eli Glasman’s self-titled blog and I began to read his very interesting story. I have to say that I found myself drawn into his blog completely.

Eli Glasman’s blog isn’t fancy, doesn’t have a lot of flashy widgets, it is simple and clean. What isn’t simple is the writing that Eli shares with the world about his life and his views of the world.

Eli Glasman is a Melbourne based author with a lot to say about  Living with mental illness and the complex Life of a writer. His début novel, ‘The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew’, about a homosexual boy in the Melbourne orthodox Jewish community. Living in Baltimore, Maryland for many years I came to know the Orthodox Jewish community and their strict adherence to tradition and rules made little room for homosexuality, however Eli doesn’t bash religion but embraces it lovingly. So the concept for this intriguing book had me wanting more. However, Eli isn’t gay but has someone close to him that inspired his first published novel with Sleepers Publishing July 1st. This novel was listed in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and on the Reading’s blog as the most anticipated books of 2014.

You can also read more from Eli with his other short stories:

Neggiah – This story is about a young orthodox Jewish boy with Crohn’s Disease who wants to get his first kiss. It was Runner up in the 2013 Griffith University Josephine Ulrick Short Story Competition, winning $5000 in prize money.

Chillers – This is about a young orthodox Jewish boy (again) who wants to have sex for the first time without breaking Shabbat. It’s not as sleazy as it sounds. It’s actually quite sweet. It was published in Sleepers Almanac no. 7. 2011.

Bag – This story is about Eli’s experience with Crohn’s Disease and the operation he had to have a stoma put in while he was in university. Published in Voiceworks Autumn 2011, this story was selected by the editor to be read at the Wheelers Centre’s event Debut Mondays in July 2011

This unbreakable spirit of Eli Glasman comes through in his strength and effort to challenge not only himself but his world.

I hope everyone will take a moment to check out this incredible blog and his story.

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