I don’t want to like you, Buddy Wakefield. But I do.

I don’t want to like your world of poems and loveliness. I want to brush it off as if they never happened, as if you didn’t make me cry today. I don’t want to feel these stinging tears of truth rolling down my cheeks and demanding that I feel when truthfully like most of everyone I don’t want to feel today. But there you are…

You don’t know your power and yet you stand there with your Peter F*cking Pan smile and I melt… you know I melt. Girls like me always do, for boys with tender hearts and bouquets of poems wrapped up in the heartstrings of your very own heart.  Damned you for your knowledge of beautiful things that attract me like pennies to wishing wells.

I don’t want to like you, but I do… always I do.

Please enjoy, Buddy Wakefield – Gentleman Practice


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