Into the Contrast

It's amazing to me to see the great contrasts of life.  Where there is darkness, soft rays of sunlight break free and hope emerges. Where there is great sadness and despair joy can still be found. That is the contrast.  The contrast is the stark difference in the situation. Someone once asked me how I could look back at some of the difficult times of my life without anger and I had to explain that no matter how bad the situation was, there was also something good that came out of it.  Perhaps it was a moment of clarity that I suddenly found in the midst of my sobbing, a butterfly that landed close after the death of my dog, or even the contrast of pain in childbirth against the pure joy of meeting each of my children, all of it monumental moments that are part of the greatness of life.

Recently I heard something funny about the contrasts of life when the question was asked of why a dog loves to hang its head out the window of a car when there is a risk of getting a bug in the eye.  The answer made me smile, because the annoyance of the bug is far worth the great thrill of the experience and joy of that moment.  How often do we shy away from amazing experiences because it might cause us a bit of discomfort?  Do we allow the fear of the contrast keep us from taking chances that might cause us great joy?  I know many times I have been guilty of not taking risks because of the great discomfort I feel of flying, I would fret about the trip and often not even take the last-minute chance to get away because of my fear of flying that has yet to turn out to be exactly what I feared it would be!  Take risks, experience life at it's best and don't let the contrast of a bug in the eye be what holds you back from becoming who you want to be.

Even in the dryness of the stone, there is often life if you are willing to look for it.

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