“I have so much to do, how am I ever going to get everything done?”  My own inner voice chanted as the traffic and weather cycled through the morning announcements on the radio once more.  I knew I had to get up, get moving, and start to tackle the things on my list.  My eyelids still swollen heavy from sleep slowly slid up and searched for light to recognize that yes, daylight had broken through the heavy curtains and I could no longer doubt that morning had come already.

“OK, get dressed and get Sara up for up for her big day.” Today was the day my youngest went in for her braces.  She has had a roller coaster of emotions leading up to this, but undoubtedly she was nervous about taking the next steps of her teenage years and getting her braces firmly attached to her teeth for the next 2 years. I felt for her, knowing she was going to be pretty miserable for the next couple of days til her mouth healed and adjusted to the metal intrusions.

Still comfortable in our bed, my husband seemed to be enjoying the last few minutes of peace as he stretched out and took up the rest of the bed in my absence. I peered around the corner at him as I brushed my teeth and got ready for the day, wishing I were back in bed for just one more hour. However my list of things that needed to be done today kept me from crawling back between the covers and laying my head on the soft pillows. “6 orders need to be finished this week, it’s Tuesday already! “  In addition to being a full time mother and wife, I am also a business owner and embroidery artist.  I had 6 orders waiting for me when I returned from my vacation and a promise to my customers that I wouldn’t fall behind.

Fine, I wouldn’t go back to bed and I wouldn’t begrudge my husband for taking his sweet time getting up and enjoying being comfortable, no matter how much I wanted to through a pillow at him for his comfort and my frustration of being awake so early in the morning.  I am NOT a morning person,  and it’s taken years for me to be able to master not snapping at everyone who talks too much, is too cheerful, takes too long getting out the door, or is generally in front of me.  I am the kind of person that needs to slowly wake up, lay in bed a while, and move through the morning at a slower pace. In fact my business, Morning Tempest Studios was a reflection of my desire to set my own hours and avoid mornings if at all possible.  Little did I know that even if I was my own boss, I would still be getting up early to get to work.

“Keep moving, can’t be late.”  Why is it when you are on a schedule everything seems to take so much longer?  Why can’t I just let the dog out without the cat running between all of our legs and outside, forcing me to chase after her yelling “ KITTY KITTY KITTY!! “  While thinking to myself… “Stupid freaking cat! Don’t make me chase you around the block! “

The toast in the toaster seemed to be put into slow motion as I scurried around trying to make sure I was ready to head out for the morning. Hunger reminded me that before I was going to leave the house, I was going to put something in my stomach.  I looked at my husband who had managed to get up, dressed and be making breakfast and wondered how was it that he seemed to be so much better at moving through the morning that I?  I had a schedule, I had preplanned my movements through the day the night before, and he just seemed to appear ready for the day.  I growled to myself that his better mood was likely because he got that extra 10 minutes of sleep that I had been deprived of.

Scarfing down my toast, looking for my shoes, yelling for my daughter to hurry up, and looking around for my purse I realized my husband was cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes by hand and drying them exactly the way I like them.  I sighed, wishing I had more time to help him and could show him I was very appreciative of his help.

8:15, time to go!  I start searching for my shoes and head for the door when my husband passes me in the hall and grabs his keys.  As he asks her if she’s ready I realize that he was about to leave with our daughter. Wait, HE is taking her to the orthodontist??  All of this rushing around I had been doing to get ready and HE was taking her?  I got up earlier, got dressed, and did the morning panic and I didn’t have to go?


But then I realized that even though my internal chatter was rambling on about schedules and not getting to sleep as much as I had wanted, my husband had his own gentle schedule and was there to help.

As they left I felt a sigh of relief as I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to my studio.  Now I did have time to get my work started and make sure my customers were still happy with me.   I smiled as the hum of the machine began to thump along and thanked the heavens for my husband and the busy life I have.  No matter how hectic it gets, no matter how many times I wished I could get back into bed, I have someone who loves me deeply and is incredible at knowing when and how to help.

“Now get back to work!”

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