I think after some serious thought that lunch has got to be my favorite meal of the day. And yes, today.. I spent some time contemplating this deep topic as I slowly prepared my meal.

Breakfast just comes too early, my stomach just isn't ready for the heaviness and really I am not a morning person and going to too much effort just for food isn't on my schedule. Instead I'll grab some whole wheat toast that usually my wonderful husband has already prepared before I make my way into the kitchen in search of coffee and routine. It's that morning dance of little words, little food, and peaceful constant movement that keeps things in balance.

Dinner is lovely, and don't get me wrong, I love dinner. But there's a general idea that dinner preparation needs to take time and involve side dishes and more effort. And while I love to cook, and this part of the day is actually very enjoyable, there's also an expectation that comes along with dinner.

Lunch doesn't hold such pompous expectations of grandeur. It simply is happy no matter what the mood. Lunch can groove to the lazy afternoon sandwich or go upscale with sushi. You can keep it green and healthy with a filling salad or snuggle up with a comforting bowl of soup. Lunch doesn't demand to be plated with side dishes and dessert, it's just fine wrapped in paper and taken on the go. Leftovers served up fresh with a new twist don't cry out of reruns and disappointment. Lunch is just how you want it, uncomplicated and simple.

Now doesn't that sound better?

Here's what's on my plate!

Trader Joe's cheese and chili corn tamales topped with fresh mozzarella, corn salsa and tomatoes, lightly pan seared with a light sprinkle of sea salt. A tall glass of ice-cold water tops it off and leaves room for that chocolate and salted caramel granola mini bar I've been saving.

Mmmm.. lunch, I love you!

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