Blog of the Week – A New Perspective Perhaps

blogger of the week

IMG_4563-1300x866This week’s Blogger comes to us from A New Perspective Perhaps and in her blog and talking with her through comments, I have come to realize I have found a new friend.  She’s very down to earth and very cool, and through her blog posts about her life I have come to find that even though we come from different places we are so much alike.

From her love of comforting coffee shops and dreams of running her own, raising her own drama queen,  to trying to manage to keep control of home and family as well as being a creative person, this blog is full of wit and wisdom.

For all of you out there who want to find a blog that makes you laugh and nod your head as you relate to her story, check out A New Perspective Perhaps.


  1. You are such a sweetheart. Even if no one ever read this, the fact that you wrote it means the world to me. I too agree I have found a new friend and look forward to sharing our friendship together through our blogs. Thanks again! You rock ❤️


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