Holocaust survivor Alice Herz Sommer teaches us about happiness

Everyone has moments when we think “this is terrible..” and look around in despair. But what do we do with it? What will we make out of this moment and will it make us weaker or will we thrive from it and grow to be stronger than we ever knew ourselves to be.

There are those who were born to be inspirations, Earth Angels. This woman, Alice Herz Sommer, is an angel. Her life of over 108 years has been a gift to mankind no matter what evil things were thrown at her. She kept her smile and her beautiful spirit in spite of the Holocaust and the horrors she lived with each day. She never speaks of her years as a prisoner and sleeping on the frozen ground with her child as a nightmare, yet says that she was thankful for that time and was it taught her.

We could all take 15 minutes to listen to her story and be graced by her beauty and receive the gift she has for all of us. Her music touches the soul, but her words cradle it gently and whisper messages of joy.

Thank you Alice for teaching me today to live my life in happiness and to think backwards. Please click the link below to watch Alice tell her story.

Alice’s gift

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