guess what this is

A friend of mind was playing Pictionary with a little girl and was stumped when the girl drew this picture. Can you guess what it is?  It took me a while.  Here are a few of my answers that were all apparently wrong.

  • Children of the Corn, with shovels at the beach.
  • Grave digger school
  • Zombie snow day
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • Marriage – ball and chain, a house, the alphabet.. yeah, I dunno either.



So we had a few good guesses.  But the truth of it is that my friend was playing with a little girls. So the answer is

“It is a bunch of people digging to an under ground bunker to they can steal all of their stuff ”

I couldn't believe it.. event though I looked at it again and I can see.. well.. yes, there are people with shovels digging.. to an underground house. Not sure why the bunker has windows.  As for what was up with the alphabet?  She was just practicing while Lindsay kept guessing.  Huh.. reminder.. never play Pictionary with small children who don't understand the concept of the game.


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