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Many of our readers are published authors, bloggers, and some dream of being successful with their literary talents.

Today we ask, where do you get your inspirations?

Did someone special inspire you to write?

Do you have a routine for writing?

We would love to hear from you!

~ Dancing with Fireflies ~


21 thoughts on “Reader Questions: Writers – Tell us about inspirations”

  1. Good question!
    Inspiration dances by and I follow depending on my mood… I am doing a poem every day. To keep my inspiration fresh I don’t plan my poem the day before, but I it is the first thing I do when I wake up. You could say my inspiration comes from my dreams.

  2. My inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere! My favourite and most inspiring thoughts for blog posts (and novel ideas!) have come from conversations with my dear friends and my kindred spirit. Some inspirations just seem to start as a small flicker of thought and gradually fan into intriguing flames. 🙂 ~ K ~

  3. My inspirations come from clearing my head with all thoughts on matters in life. It is been a treat to learn blogging on a daily basis let’s my thoughts flow into a story, giving me more inspiration. As for who encouraged me to write rough and raw, it was my students who state that I am a good storyteller. And now who would ever thought that I would sit down a write about life mishaps, especially when English and literature is not my best subject??? Good Post Dancing with Fireflies~ 😉

  4. I would have to say – growing up on an island. It filled my mind with all kinds of ideas and my inspiration comes from a mix of life, literature and a crazy mind. The author I would most often state as my biggest inspiration to become a storyteller would be Homer. Everyone is encouraged to read the Iliad and Odyssey, if not in the original form, then at least the Gustav Schwab versions. The living author who made me take up the pen was George R.R. Martin, but none of these influences are isolated. We often disregard the music we listen to as inspiration for stories. Ian Anderson would be the one storyteller whose lyrics captured my imagination. Corey Taylor is the newest one in this line. I never isolate inspiration and go with everything. The charms of a good story are style and substance, which derive from everything you can grab and make your own.

  5. I find inspiration everywhere, but often times I have to look for it hard. Depending on what I want to work on, I review work in that subject as well and make notes. When I write, I draft out posts before actually writing them, either through notes or long drafts. One thingI’ve learned for sure though is to not wait for it to hit, or else you’ll be waiting till new years.

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