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This week we are reposting a great guest blogging piece. Vanisha's dream to teach the world to mind their manners always makes me smile when I look it over, so… I hope you enjoy as much as I do. “Mind your Manners”.

 ” Mind your Manners “

Vanisha Dailey

So many people lack basic social conduct skills, and when I say this, I’m referring to manners. If you are a person that spends time with other individuals, or even if you go out in public alone.. you should be using words such as these many times throughout your day:

  •  Please
  •  Thank you
  •  Excuse me
  •  I’m sorry

Of course, there are more, but this is a great start to not come off as a person that has “no home training”, which definitely is not something to pride yourself on. Make it a goal to OVER use these words.

There’s nothing worse than a person that is rude to strangers just because.. if you’re that miserable, how about you do us all a favor and lock yourself indoors away from everyone else, please and thank you very much *smile*.

As for myself, I was taught to mind my manners at such an early age I honestly can’t remember a point where I needed to be corrected. With a mother like mine, you’d be a fast learner too! Yet, for some odd reason no matter where I go, I am easily reminded that many other people are the total opposite when it comes to this. Are people forgetting to teach their young proper manners? Or are they dropping those healthy habits as they age?

If I had a dollar for how many times someone invaded my personal space everyday, I’d be rich! Strangers in grocery stores step into your personal space continuously, looking and reaching toward the same shelf without even attempting to mouth an “excuse me”.

Always give a person space when you walk by, if there isn’t much room, you should say “Excuse me”.

Once when I was in a grocery store, there was a middle-aged woman who came in my direction pushing a cart with her child inside of it, I stepped back to let her by (trying to use my manners).. and guess what she did? She stopped dead in FRONT of me. Caged me in between her cart and a table of onions to be exact, and left a whopping 2 feet of space, maybe less for me to move about. Here I am thinking that I’m being nice by letting her pass, yet she took my spot and did not even bother to even see if I was finished looking in that area or not. As a person, how do you not recognize how rude those actions are?

I am a person that’s big on the practice of manners.. I would not date a person that lacks them, and if I have children, it will be ingrained early on in their lives.

So please do not use fowl language in front of elders, cover your month/nose when you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth when you yawn in public, and please, please, please … do not smack while you eat.

I thank you kindly..


About Vanisha Dailey: I am a 26 year old classically trained dancer born in Germany, but Savannah, Georgia is home. I enjoy laughing, dancing, reading, and randomly saying words in different languages. I am an animal lover, and a proud owner of a Siamese/Ragdoll cat named Meteor.

I will find you all on facebook and follow you there too!

Thanks again,

Vanisha Dailey


originally posted Nov 12, 2013


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