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I love all  things Steampunk and I love how it has come forward from the dark corners of the internet to mainstream fashion. I know that Steampunk has been here a while, but for a long time it was
held by those who the fans of science fiction, fantasy and alternate history during the 1980s and early 1990s. But it didn't die off with Max
Hedrom or other pop culture fads of the 80's and 90's.. in fact, I think it's grown in fashion and gathered.. steam.

Rising to the top of our search list like a fantastic Airship, Steampunk searches have come right under Zombies at my shop – Morning Tempest Studios.
And we are working hard to keep up with our fan requests and bringing more Steampunk embroidery to the younger generations as soon as we reopen this fall.

The style of the 19th century and fantasy of amazing authors like Verne, H.G.Wells and Mark Twain mixed with the dark storytelling of Mary
Shelley, Steampunk incorporates the rich dark colors and sparks it up with daring metals. It makes you want to grab your goggles and dare to be an Airship Captain and sail around the world or find your inner clockwork addiction and gear up for adventure. Life no longer is contained to the ordinary, now we take back our imagination and staple it right across reality.

One of our amazing Guest Bloggers  J. Aurel Guay , who wrote the fantastic story “Airships and Escapes” actually came to us from our sister blog, Morning Tempest Studios. A fellow fan of Steampunk, he inspired us to create more steampunk embroidery. I am always thankful for ideas from fans and after reading his piece, I knew I loved steampunk writing even more.

Do you have a great Steampunk story you would like so share?  Email me at Crysta@DancingWithFireflies.net and become a guest blogger!

~ DWF ~


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