Think About It Thursdays

think about it thursdays
Today Dancing with Fireflies is dancing for joy at the birth of our newest nephew. I ADORE babies. I love everything about them, from their tiny little toes to their scrunched up old people faces. I get a little crazy over them. Nothing melts me more than tiny newborn noises.

So in honor of my incredible little nephew, today’s Think About it Thursdays is dedicated to babies and joy.

1. Babies – love them or do they strike fear in your soul?
2. Tell us about the birth of a special person in your life.
3. What makes you giggle in joy?
4. We are having a freaking fantastic day, tell us about yours?
5. What’s the oddest baby name you have ever heard?

Feel like sharing your answers? Post them in the comment section!

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To participate, tag your post with #FireFlyTT and include a link to this post to generate a pingback. Your posts DO NOT have to specifically written in response to this challenge. We love reading great pieces and all are accepted! We’ll highlight some of our favorites on Thursdays and in our new Monthly Review.

Want others to critique it? Let us know that too!

Have a great week!

~ C. ~


    • Thanks Jann. We are so happy to finally meet this little troublemaker. It’s been a rough 9 months.

      And thanks for the compliment. I have been trying to make some upgrades to the site and I think it’s coming around.

      How have you been?

    • I am in the same boat. We Aquarians don’t do well when water freezes over.. we need free flowing thought! I have been having fits because I closed down my craft-embroidery shop ahead of a big move we are making.. and I feel restless day and night.

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