Blogger of the Week: Jenn of The Overcoming

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This week I want to introduce you to a great new blog that I discovered this week. Like so many people, I was poking around the web for something inspiring to start the year off with. Jenn’s new blog – The Overcoming jumped out at me and demanded that I sit down and read her inspiring journey.

The Overcoming is about beating the odds and transforming your life. I really have enjoyed her posts and find them really inspiring.

So, if you are looking for a cool new blog check out The Overcoming!

If you are feeling like you are looking for a fresh start, or have overcome something, I hope you’ll take part in this week’s challenge and share your story like Jenn’s post in response to our Weekly Challenge. She even managed to tackle our Wordless Wednesday challenge this week.

Thanks Jenn for being an active reader and congrats on being this week’s Blogger of the Week!

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