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Something about the Storyteller

There is just that certain something about the role of the storyteller. Be it in music, visual arts, or writing, the storyteller begets the most attention. Whether physically or metaphorically, the one telling the story is always on stage and we as the public are enveloped in their story. If we take Shakespeare and his famous quote “All the world’s a stage”, then he as the storyteller is in the center of that stage, and the light of that same stage shines on each story of every new voice.

Personally, when I assumed the role of the storyteller, my life changed. When I was a kid I wanted to be Batman, but I was afraid of heights, and still am. The same goes for Spiderman. Then I wanted to be a diver when I grew up a bit. Alas, a ship accident gave me a crippling fear of deep seas. Not getting younger I wanted to be an artist, but I couldn’t hold a brush. In high school I wanted to be an architect, only to fail my first math exam. A rock star wouldn’t do because I couldn’t sing or play guitar and was not able to learn even to this day. Instead of all those petty attempts to better my soul I stuck to what I knew and commenced with learning languages. Never being a pragmatic type of person I still dreamed of my days as Batman and started to write down these fantasies and stories.

This never left me and I found my true path in the shoes of the storyteller. When the first storyteller I ever met told me to walk a mile in their shoes I asked if they could borrow them first, so now I’m a mile ahead and don’t have to walk barefoot. What started as a habit of inventing stories to get out of trouble continued throughout the years into a vivid imagination and lastly into books and stories of both the private and published kind.

As a storyteller you can escape boring reality, but also get in touch with it. The storyteller is never confined to one genre or style. You may escape your daily life by fantasizing about mystical lands, or get closer to understanding your peers by walking a mile in their shoes in one of your fictional walks through life; just don’t always steal their shoes, those things can be expensive. Writing is not only reserved for the talented or for those who want to make it as a professional. It is for everyone. The dreamers, the escapists, the doers, the skeptics, the pessimists, those who seek enjoyment, those who seek something therapeutic, those who want to spice up their life, those who want to indulge in their own fantasies and those who want to learn. Through writing, the storyteller can either tell something to the entire world, or say something they never dared tell themselves.

Indeed, in stories I found my place. I found it because I was never a pragmatic person and I never let go of my dreams, praised be Batman.

Yes, there is that certain something about the storyteller. How they bind us to their stories and steal us away from ordinary life. That is the virtue of the storyteller – they make us all dream.



            Such a simple time it was, when as a child you forge the most banal stories in order to escape the wrath of mom when you broke her favorite vase. Nevertheless, we are all still storytellers in our own right; our paths simply vary from one another. The third and final step will be my own take on the life of a writer. I hope to one day look at these words you will see later and think to myself “This chair made of money sure is uncomfortable.”



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