Taking a Challenge: Healing

Check out Jenn’s fast response to Wordless Wednesday! Way to go Jenn!

I’m always up for a challenge.

Today – take a photo and provoke my thoughts. First, may I present, the inspiration:

unsplash_52a4c3446e23d_1 This represents healing.

My blog, in its entirety, is a journey. It began with a single post – about my path to freedom from a lonely grave that I had become trapped within – that I wished to dig myself out of.

It is about becoming – entering into a world of the known – despite any fog, fear, or overwhelming sadness that may have propelled me backwards.

It is a cliff – a ledge I stand upon wondering, hoping, that what lies in front, beneath, to the side – is my pathway to recovery, into freedom.

My journey is that in which many suffer – it is not a walk into a beautiful park surrounded by birds, friendly humans, park benches with lovers, newspaper stands …


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