I drifted off in front of the fire.  It was warm and I fell easily into dreams. I dreamed of home and simple things, chores to finish, people I love and at the top of the stairs you were there. In your special place.

This doesn't happen often anymore, not like when you first went away.

I knew I was dreaming, because I knew you couldn't be there waiting for me as you always did. But I didn't want to wake, not then. I wanted to see you there and you wanted to be seen.

I told you that I loved you, and I knew you love me back.

You were spinning around and round.  You were just as thrilled to be seen as I was to see. I wanted to hold you close but that wasn't mean to be. So I watched you do your dance and enjoyed your company.

I didn't want to turn around, knowing waking up was going to be the end.

So I stayed there watching and laughing as long as I could hold on to my dearest friend. I told you I was sorry, I didn't want you to go. I told you that I loved you more then I think you know. I wish to take back those days when I didn't spend as much time, clinging on to the days when we just sat silently together in our own special bond.

Then you jumped into my arms. I felt you close but only for a moment before I woke again.

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My sweet girl, Arwyn. I miss you so.

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