DWF- 2013 year in Review

year in review

2013 was a really good year for Dancing with Fireflies.  It’s the year I really spent some time devoted to blogging and started to get a real feel for where it was going. While I am still feeling like it is a work in progress, I really feel like it has a better feel than it did a year ago.

This year the blog has really changed and here’s a taste of how it went.

04Like most people I started off the year in reflection of the year before and looking forward to the year ahead. I didn’t have many readers and really the posts I wrote were part of my healing process after losing my brother that summer. 525,600 Chances was my kickoff post to what would be a great year of blogging.

We have gone from just a few readers a month to well over a thousand regular monthly readers.  Readers are chiming in and giving their opinions and letting us know what they like best. Our friend Hayley loves Think About it Thursdays.. which drives me bonkers because it’s the feature I like the least! Wordless Wednesdays are still a hit, but now I am having to be a little more careful about where I get my photos and making sure I credit people correctly.

We added quotes and set up a new Facebook page just for our readers.  Guest bloggers began to add their talents to the posts and we are always looking for more!

People came searching Dancing with Fireflies for many reasons. Some looking for help with Lyme Disease,  a lot of you were having issues with social media and wanted to read about Facebook and more, but mostly  you wanted prompts and weekly writing challenges.

This year we found readers all over the world and I hope we inspired our new friends to write more and share their experiences.

Thank you for reading!

Bring on 2014!



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