textingI truthfully rarely know what I am going to write about until I have finished the last sentence. Sometimes I have a theme in mind, something that I feel passionate about when I sit down to write. Other times I need some prompting to get the juices flowing. Sometimes the ideas come to me in the strangest places and I have to text myself what they are so I don't lose them. Some writers carry around notebooks for when those creative inspirations come along.

A best-selling author once told me that she spent a great deal of her life thinking about writing a book and hoping it would be published. She dreamed about it and yet didn't fully devote time and effort to it until her children were grown. She didn't have the internet or blogging to practice her art, she just wrote daily. She published some short pieces and even a small collection, but it wasn't until she made the goal for herself that she was going to write and finish a novel did she feel like she was a real writer.  “You have to practice every day. ” She told me.

Blogging is an excellent way to practice the art of writing every day. Sure there are many times when you are sitting at your desk or writing space and you just stare at the screen hoping something really awesome will just come flowing out of you, sometimes it does.. and often it doesn't. But the commitment to keeping it going is what matters.

Often I write about whatever dances into my mind.  A song, a photo, even the sad places that lurk in the darkness.  I know that I am in preparation for writing my next great American novel, I've been practicing.

Have you?

What do you write about?

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4 thoughts on “What do you write about?”

  1. I’m like you in many ways because my inspiration comes from all places. A conversation, a television programme or observing people. I believe that writing is a talent that can be lost if you don’t practice.

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