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A couple of weeks ago I was at a family gathering and was speaking to my Aunt Toby who is an author. She told me this story about how she was contacted by a lawyer recently demanding money because she had a photo of a celebrity's FOOT on her blog and she had stolen it and used it.  Now she was being threatened with lawsuits and a demand for thousands of dollars.

I was shocked and thought about my own blog and how I had regularly searched through the stock photos for content photos on my own blog, as I am sure that many of you bloggers have done as well. Not all of us have that great eye for photography but we do enjoy sharing things we have seen to color our wordy blogs.

After talking to her about this issue that I knew I was guilty of doing, I've been looking for great places for bloggers to find photos to use in their blogs and I have found a few great places to share.

Always give credit.

There are many public use photos that you can use for your blogs. But please give credit to the photographer whenever you can. Like bloggers, they too are working hard with little pay. Give them the credit when you can.

Fellow bloggers have also added to the collection of free places to find great photo content for your blogs. Check out these great links and find your photos in safe places!

One Cool Site has more sources for free images for blogs.

Wylio has free pictures for bloggers.  You don't have to pay for them, but they do have an option for bloggers who need a lot of photos.

New Old Stock has Vintage photos from the public archives free of known copyright restrictions.

Unsplash.com is pretty easy to use. Nice and simple sign up.

Have another link you would like to share?  Add them in the comments please.

7 thoughts on “Hey you stole that photo!”

  1. Just had my own copyrighted photograph stolen, cropped and reused on the website of the largest public university in Texas. Story to be continued on my blog in the new year . . . But really, doesn’t everyone know by now that it’s illegal to reuse someone’s creation without prior permission and or compensation?

    1. Actually, I’ve talked to a lot of people about this. Sadly, no they don’t. I wasn’t really aware of the problem until recently. I tried not to use private images, I looked for them on shutterstock or other free image places. But I hadn’t really thought too much about them until now.

      I think it’s good to let people know why you shouldn’t do it. Most people ( sadly including myself, until recently) don’t think they are doing anything wrong or hurting anyone. WordPress even asks you for the url of the photo, there’s no warning not to use images you don’t own or are free photos.

      I am going to keep posting more help for other bloggers on the subject. But I would love to also share your point of view.

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