I’ve been told I can write. It’s something I do just as easy as breathing, and for me it is just as important. One day I will do something exceptional with it.  They say that when you find what you do best you should do it often. I do. Sometimes I write with purpose, usually not.

I’ve always been a writer, plotter, and list maker. As a child I kept diaries hidden all over my room. They were my records of my life if someday I should need to have a collection of my adventures.  I wrote my bios hundreds of times for that day when my words would become something worthy of reading.

Crysta is a world-famous author of children’s books. She loves dogs, pigs, and has a large farm of her own where she never ever has to move again! She hates moving, hates having to be the new kid at a new school every year and wishes that the adults in her lives would grow up. But now that she’s a grown up, she’s doing what she loves instead of being blamed for everything. I told you that I wasn’t worthless or a liar!

As I got older my Bios were less filled with rants about how much I disliked things and more about what I wanted from life.

Crysta is an incredibly talented author of fiction that reaches across the age boundaries and encourages people to read. International best-selling fiction novelist published in 33 languages, Crysta is happily married to the man of her dreams, has 6 lovely children, 4 dogs, and a home of her own. She currently teaches creative writing to abuse victims to help them overcome their pasts and help them see the amazing stories that each of their lives has written. Crysta spends her holidays traveling the world and helping orphans. She is a great woman.

In high school life took a sharp turn to the left and I turned inward to my writing in order to cope with the abuse, losses, and an unexpected teen pregnancy.  I struggled through depression with my writing and spent hours each day keeping notes, poems, and scratching away at the hurt and betrayal I felt in my life.

If Crysta makes it through the next ten years of her life, she will use this time in her life to help others. But right now, this sucks.

Writing became my lifeline and I wrote each day as if it would save my life and my sanity. Dozens of diaries, journals, notebooks, and napkins were all dedicated to trying to write myself out of the box I had put myself into. Now a single mother of two, trying to get through college, having to ask for help from welfare and charities my bios were a bit more subdued.

Crysta is a journalist, author, and mother of two. She spends her time hiking, walking her dog, and exploring with her sons. Crysta enjoys helping others in her community and speaking about teen pregnancy.  She currently is working on her autobiography about living with a family with mental illness, becoming a teen mother, and how she has used her love of words to write her own story about how her life will turn out. It will end better than her mother’s.

I never gave up writing my journals even though at some point they moved to the digital age and were no longer the messy scribbles and tear-stained log books of my life.  Volumes of stories, memories, and observations about life and my history began to unfold at my fingertips. Even when my Lyme disease made my fingers ache and not move as fluidly, I still demand of them to tell my stories in hopes that one day my bio will read like this.

Masterful storyteller, Crysta has been called an ““icon of the industry.” A New York Times and international best-selling author, Crysta has brought her first-hand knowledge of the human spirit’s ability to endure hardship and overcome all odds and created incredible characters that are loved by all generations.

Crysta is the mother of 4 adult children, her sons Tate, Harrison, Damon and daughter Izabelle. She and her husband love to travel.  You can usually find her tucked away in local coffee shops with her laptop and a latte or walking with her dogs. 

Her blog Dancing with Fireflies isloved by thousands of followers. There you can follow her witty short stories, chat with her about just about anything, and feel free to share your own adventures.

Blogger, writer, and Indie artist, Crysta has found that life isn’t about becoming famous but instead about loving the life you have and understanding the road you took to get there.  

Never stop writing.


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        1. Truthfully.. it took a long time for me to not have a lot of anger about my life. But I had to really turn it around because I realized I didn’t want to die sad and unhappy with the life I actually had the ability to change. I saw my mother do that her whole life and it turned her into someone angry and mean, I don’t want to be that woman.

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