Travel theme: Short ” Getaways “

Travel theme: Short

Sometimes planning to relax takes just too much effort.  It’s exhausting trying to plan out when, where, and just how long.  I love short trips to new places.  It doesn’t have to be someplace fancy, just a break from my day to day.

I am a nomad writer, I need to keep moving and exploring. I need new face and quiet odd places.   Even though I hate to admit it to myself, I love the chaos of last minute trips when you just throw everything into the suitcase and head out.

Today I find myself sitting out on a lovely deck with just about nobody around. It’s PERFECT!

Heading down to Florida on a last minute get-away was a great idea.  I love the air, a warm change from the winter chill at home.

No, I don’t need to lay out on the beach and tan my cheeks, I am a freckled Irish skinned girl!  I fry in sunlight.  But I love being outside as much as possible.  So being a blogger, I take what I love outside and enjoy the day.

I have a list of things I need to finish up for Dancing with FirefliesQuotes to do for the dailies, this week’s blogger of the week, working on our Guest Blogger posts, Think About it Thursdays, and this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge all need to get done.  Its a few hours’ worth of work, but it’s oh so much better with the sea breeze in my hair.

I don’t want to see life out the window, I want to be out in the middle of it.  I am so thankful that I have these chances to lose myself in the experiences. It might just be for a day, but it’s a day that I’ll enjoy.

Have you taken a quick trip away?  Tell us about it!

Check out this fun blog about quick get-aways!

~ Dancing with Fireflies ~


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