Prayers for fellow blogger in the Philippines

One of our friends and fellow bloggers, Angelica from The Passionately Curious currently resides in the Philippines and I haven't heard from her in a few days. We were working together on her Guest Blogger post coming up. But she's been silent for a few days. As most of you know the Philippines was heavily damaged from one of the world's most powerful typhoons.  Thousands have been killed in this horrific disaster.  This world becomes a much smaller place when things like this happen. The death toll estimate is at 10,000, and the number of displaced is more than 600,000.

Typhoon-ravaged Philippine islands have thousands of people in need of help.  Many are trying to evacuate and others seeking shelter, food, water, and aid. Our hearts are with Angelica and we are hoping that soon this brave young woman will let us know she is ok.

Here's how you can help the people of the Philippines.

Philippine Red Cross


World Food Program USA


Where ever you are Angelica, stay strong.  We are thinking about you.

~ Dancing with Fireflies ~


We have heard from Angelica.  She's safe.  Here's here response.


Thank you for your concern in our country. Me and my family is alright, we are far in that disaster but my fellow Filipino people from the middle part of our country is very affected. They lost their love ones and that's the very sad to me. Our government is going to help them also other countries to begin a new life for them. My family and friends is donating some clothes etc for the victims. Thank you for your concern and please help me to convey our thank you o other country.

I will write a blog about that disaster soon. Thank again.

Angelica =)

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