September Challenge Highlights



September got you thinking!  We have some wonderful writers in our community and a few of you put on your thinking caps and got to writing this month in response to our prompts.

One of our favorites of the month was from Mareship because it really drew me into the piece and made me really excited to be a writer.  All of the submissions were great and I am thankful for each one.  But I encourage everyone to take a look at I Love: Toscar! Let Me Count The Ways… and let it make you bubble over with creative joy.

September was great and these fabulous bloggers made it a creative festival all month long.

Please check out these submissions by our Dancing with Fireflies readers.


Great blogs thrive because of comments. Dancing with Fireflies is a community, and you are part of it. We would love to hear what you thought of this article and anything else on your mind.

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