Dancing with Fireflies Answers Thursday Prompts

OK OK..  I am going to take a few minutes and catch up with all of these Think about it Thursday prompts and share a tiny bit about me in the process.  Here we go!

From Sept. 5th

  • When you were single, what behaviors did you keep to yourself?  If you are single, what behaviors do you only exhibit when you aren’t around a date, etc.?

Wow this one is tough.  But I actually like to sleep on the couch when I was single. It’s weird, but I hated having a whole bed to myself. It was a little lonely!

  • What is the oddest last-minute meal you have put together and served?

I really love to cook.  Though sometimes I am just not in the mood.  So often I will look through the kitchen and just start laying things out on the counter.  I think the oddest thing I have put together and served was this weird pasta dish that had pretty much all of the leftovers from the week in it.  There was a burger, some cheese from a party, peas…  lots of weird things. It was ok.

  • My first car…

The first car I ever owned was a Ford Pinto that I got from my neighbors for $200.  The best car ever!

  • I take some things a little too seriously…

Actually.. I am so guilty of this.  I think the worst one is that people tell me I am mean because I am serious and I say what I mean.  But I think that is one of the problems about being a writer.  I often have a hard time with my external edit button.

  • What makes you really mad?

People who mistreat animals and children.  I have no tolerance for it.  I want them off my planet!  ok… I can sort of see why people think I am mean… a little.

From Sept. 12th

  • Have you ever truly felt déjà vu? Tell us about it.

All the time.  I think that is how I know I am on the right track.. or that I have the chance to make things better this time.

  • Who do you love the most in this world?

This is a hard one. I love a lot of people and my dog.  But the most in the world?  I adore my kids. They are all my heart and soul.

  • If you were able to clone yourself, how would you divide your duties?

One of those bitches is doing the dishes!  I need more time for writing!

  • What is your favorite holiday?

I think that Halloween is still my favorite holiday.  I love the babies in costumes, the theme of the night, and alllll of the candy!

  • Do you like your middle name?  If you could change it, what would you change it to?

Nope, it’s stupid.  I would change it to something AWESOME.. like Glittersparklerainbow  or Supastar

Sept. 19th –

  • What does Nature mean to you?

It’s that place I like to go to for reading.

  • What do you hate?

People who kill for fun.

  • What annoys you?

Jokes about eating meat when someone asks why I am a vegetarian.

  • What is your least favorite holiday?


  • Do you exercise?

In my mind… does that count?


    • Oh I have tons of reasons why.. but mainly because I feel like we have lost the point of that holiday, we are forced into parties we don’t want to go to, demanded to give gifts that mean nothing, and spend way too much time and money trying to just through the month without a fight.

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