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This week’s blogger of the week is Jennifer K!  Her blog Jennifer K Blog is a great collection of posts about writing and the process of it. Her blog is pretty fabulous.  Jennifer is a writer, a bookworm, I am thrilled to say she’s also  a chocolate lover and a wine enthusiast.  YUMMM!

Jennifer is a writer and reader of fiction and a freelance writer based out of Rochester, NY.

One of the posts I really enjoyed was For the Love of Reading that talks about her love of reading and how regular reading improves her writing. Last week we sent many of you on a Reading Challenge for this year and it’s been pretty awesome to hear from a few of you who are taking that challenge with me.  So this post was great timing to inspire me to get away from the computer and pick up a book. Jennifer also set out of her own reading challenge this year and has some helpful tips on how to reach your reading goals.

The greatest part about setting a reading goal for myself has been that I consciously make the time in my day to read by watching less T.V. and reading in small batches. I listen to audiobooks during my commute, I bring my Kindle to work so I can read on my lunch break. I read before bed, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, under the hair dryer at the hair salon. Spending those extra ten minutes reading, rather than checking my Facebook feed again has made all the difference.

Writers should also check out her page for writers that has some really great tips and resources for better writing.


Great job Jennifer!  We can’t wait to read more.



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